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'Happily Ever After'

://Things That Make Me Smile 

December 2017

Favorite Youtube video of the month


CGI 3D Animated Short Film


What are 5 habits that can improve my life?


1. Never multitask. Concentrate on one task at a time. If you do more things at once, all of them will be subpar quality.

2. Never argue with unintelligent people. You will not accomplish anything and will waste your time, plus you will get very frustrated.

3. Never get involved in gossiping. There are people who love talking behind other people’s back and talk about what other people do, how they live, how much they make, etc. It is all wasted energy and time.

4. Never make impulsive decisions. Go to sleep and make your decision the next day when you are calm and you are able to calculate your risks with an objective mind.

5. Never go to bed angry. Try to make peace with the loved one or friend you had an argument with. According to reasearch, “during sleep, the brain reorganises the way negative memories are stored, making these associations harder to suppress in the future.”

'Happily Ever After'

://Things That Make Me Smile 

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